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The decision of which process to use may seem very complicated to you. There are basically three methods available to put your design on a garment: embroidery, silk screening and heat transfer. Just like anything else, each has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide which suits your needs best.


Embroidery has been around a long time is a great option for selected choices. Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage has always been cost and it can be outrageously expensive for some designs.

The advantages of embroidery are:
It looks great and will not wash out.
Lasts as long as the garment in most cases.
Each item can be different if there are no logos or special designs.
No added costs for colors.
Works on most materials.

The disadvantages of embroidery are:
Can be very expensive.
Each item may not be different if there are logos or special designs.
Does not work well with some complex designs and logos.
Does not work well for large designs.

Deciding between silk screening and heat transfer:
When it comes to deciding between silk screening and heat transfer, the choice again depends on your needs. The heat transfer process is a great way to go on most custom apparel. Heat transfer has come a long way from the old days. Today it is fully computerized and it is possible to do things that once seemed impossible. It has a lot of benefits and very few side effects as compared with screen printing.

The benefits of heat transfer are:
Each item can be different since there are no minimums Full color is available for no added cost The cost is very low. Since the process is computerized, logos are easy to do. Added cost for dark garments

The disadvantages of heat transfer are:
Some versions do not last as long as screen printing. Some versions tend to fade with age. The cost becomes high for larger orders. Does not work on some materials

The biggest advantage of heat transfer:
The low cost as compared with any other choice. This is not to say that the quality is poor. Superflex heat transfer is a great alternative to silk screening or embroidery in most cases. The biggest factor in your decision will be cost and quantity. If you need 500 pieces, silk screening becomes much more attractive. Silk screening’s biggest advantage is in large orders.

Vinyl Print:

The benefits of vinyl print are:
Looks sharp
Long lasting
No minimums
Soft feel
Works on most fabrics and nylons

The disadvantages of vinyl print are:
Does not work well for complex designs
Does not work well with very small designs or letters
Can be more expensive since it is time consuming

Other specialty printing techniques are available to suit your application. Please inquire.

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